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The Rizikon Assurance Architecture takes you from Basic Supplier Due Diligence up to Full Supply-chain Risk Management

Scorecards combine all Risks for each Supplier. Scorecards allow you to see all risks and key information at a glance for each of your Suppliers.  They combine information from the Supplier Questionnaires as well as data from Companies House and credit-scoring from Creditsafe. 

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An Online System that Improves Third-party Assurance and Risk Management through efficiency, automation and better visibility

Application Structure

 Rizikon Assurance is built to give you the information you need at every level.  

Hosted by AWS. 

Supplier Assurance Portal


Our Scorecards pull together all the information you gather on each supplier, from as little as one assessment or across many different ones.  They even include information from other sources like Creditsafe for financial checks.  This makes reviewing the big picture of each supplier a single-page task.

AssuranceFrameworkDashboard Third-partyScorecards Communications & Attachments Automation Assessment Reports Third-partyAssurancePortal Intelligent Questionnaires

Supplier Assurance Portal


Starting with our Supplier Assurance portal, we make the job as easy as possible for you and your suppliers to gather the information you need.  These Issue-based and ready-to-go questionnaires have everything all in one place, including automation, related communications and attachments, and generate assessment level reports for you and your team to dig into each area of concern.

Assurance Dashboard


Finally, our assurance dashboard gives you the visibility of your whole supplier base, and where you need to focus your attention first.  This allows you and your team the ability to focus their efforts where they are needed most, and stay in control.

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