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Supply-chain Risk Management and Assurance Dashboard

The Assurance Framework Dashboard is your top-level view of all Risk across your whole Supply Chain. It allows you to very quickly focus on those high 'criticality' Suppliers that need most attention and drill-down to detail, while also making it clear where your supplier assurance information gaps are. This single view, once populated, answers the questions 'how much Supplier risk do we have, and where is it concentrated?' and 'how many of our most important Suppliers have been fully risk-assessed?'

Rizikon Assurance Supplier Assurance Dashboard

Have all your suppliers in one Assurance Dashboard for 30-days for free
Get the Supplier Assurance Dashboard and all of the other great features of Rizikon Assurance free for 14-days.  We're confident that you will love it!

Unique Supplier Assurance Dashboard and 6x6 matrix in Rizikon Assurance

Our Unique 6x6 Supplier Risk matrix

At-a-glance you will know the distribution of risk across your Supply chain, and be able to drill in to those high-importance, high or very high risk Suppliers that Assurance activity needs to focus on!  Ask for a demo or Start your Free Trial today.


Add you own logo to your Supplier Portal

Fully customisable

Jump from dashboard to details and scorecards

Quickly view scores

View your risks across all Suppliers in one 6 by 6 matrix

360 degree view

Read more about our Supplier Scorecards
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