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C3PRA Framework

Follow the Cyber security 3rd Party Risk & Assurance (C3PRA) Framework with Rizikon Assurance

Why is the C3PRA Framework needed?

Low recognition of supplier risk and lack of visibility into supply chains are commonly cited as the consequences of current cyber 3rd party risk assurance methods and practices. Organisations are recognising that insufficient expertise, tools or processes are creating barriers to effective cyber security risk management and exposing them to unknown and unnecessary risks.

What is the C3PRA Framework?

C3PRA is Crossword’s new framework to help organisations to gain better control and visibility over the cyber security risks of their supply chain. The problems organisations encounter are all shared, but C3PRA allows you the flexibility to find the solutions that work with you and your existing organisation methods and processes.

C3PRA will help you solve these problems by providing you with a systematic series of steps and guidance at each stage of the risk assessment and mitigation workflow, such as improving Enterprise governance of supplier cyber security risk and enhancing visibility & knowledge of suppliers, supply chains and services.






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C3PRA and Rizikon Assurance


Rizikon will directly support the C3PRA framework in order to help reduce you current cyber 3rd Party Risk and improve your Assurance. Rizikon will enable organisations to manage their cyber security 3rd Party Risk Assurance position and address their key challenges via a systematic and customisable risk prioritised approach to third party security risk management.

Rizikon will enable organisations to not only measure and benchmark their levels of risk, but also take immediate and direct action to mitigate their third party cyber risk (resulting from suppliers, supply chains and services).


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