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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Rizikon Assurance? Start here.

How do I complete my assessment?

To start completing your assessment, please see our Getting Started guide.

I cannot setup my account / I did not receive an account setup email

If you didn't receive the account setup email, or you are having issues related to setting up your account, please see our guide to account activation.


I cannot login / I've forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your account password, or cannot login to Rizikon, please see our guide to logging in to Rizikon.

I'm the wrong person for this assessment / Can I share my assessment?

If you are not the right person within your organisation to complete this assessment, or if you would like to share you assessment with another person, please see our guide for sharing your assessment.

How is my data secured?

Data security and privacy within Rizikon is one of our top priorities. Please see our security centre for details.

Why do I need Rizikon?

Rizikon Assurance is an assessment management system. This means Rizikon is used to keep track of assessments, and to ensure that assessments are answered, reviewed, and returned as efficiently as possible.

For assessors, Rizikon Assurance helps them keep track of large numbers assessments, provide fast & accurate feedback, and support users through the assessment process.

For suppliers, Rizikon Assurance will allow you to complete the assessments that have been assigned to you, upload comments and attachments to support your answers, delegate questions, and receive feedback on your answers. This means Rizikon Assurance will provide you with an up-to-date central repository for keeping track of your assessments. If you need to re-assess annually, or due to a change in circumstances, all your answers, evidence, and comments will be available and ready for submission - saving you time and effort.


Rizikon Assurance also provides additional layers of security above traditional email based assurance processes. This means your data is less likely to be shared with unauthorised individuals.

When will my answers be reviewed / Can I change my answers?

All answers in Rizikon Assurance are not reviewed until you choose to request an assessor. This means they can be saved, changed, revised, and updated as many times as you feel necessary. Once you are happy with your answers, you can "Submit your Answers". An assessor will then review your answers, and provide feedback or guidance. In many cases, an assessor may also choose to return your answers, so you will have additional opportunities to change and update your answers after the initial submission.

My question is not listed here

If you have a question about Rizikon Assurance that is not covered here, it may be contained in our Getting Started guide.

If you cannot find the answer in our getting started guide, please use our contact page to get in touch.

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