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Start your Free 30-day trial, with the right to cancel at any time

No more sending questionaires  by email, just select a supplier and click to send.

Go live with a Professional, branded Supplier Assurance Portal in just 5 minutes time!


£0/first 14-days

Trusted by Nuvia, Barron McCann and many other companies.

and £5000/year after free trial

Includes full access to  the growing library of Questionnaires such as On-boarding, GDPR, cyber security, etc (see full list of Supplier Questionnaires)

Supplier Scorecards

Assurance Dashboard

1 Manager Account

Creditsafe Integration - 12 tokens/year included

1 Assessor Account

More available with add-ons

Unlimited Completer Accounts

Unlimited Suppliers

Assessment Credits included 20 per month

Rizikon makes Supplier Assurance Easy

  • They can log-in to answer your questions using our standard question sets or your own

  • Instant automated marking and reporting

  • Keep track of comments, remediation actions and attachments - all in one encrypted portal

  • Go live with a Professional, branded Supplier Assurance Portal in just 5 minutes time!

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Key Features




& Attachments


Assessment Reports


3 Assessor accounts
+ 1 Manager

Easy and secured payment

Pay easily and securely with Visa, Mastercard and AMEX

Payment methods

Rizikon Assurance is encrypted end-to-end using 256-bit AES


All supplier attachments

are virus-scanned

Attachments scanning

Cancel your subscription

any time with just a few clicks

Cancel any time

Start your free trial with creating Rizikon account

In order to start your Supplier Assurance platform Free Trial, we will need to collect some information. Rizikon is a Crossword Cybersecurity product, and the security and privacy of your data is very important to us. By registering for a Rizikon free trial, you acknowledge having read our Privacy Policy. You can read more information about our approach to Security and Privacy here.

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