Assess your cyber risks and maximise
your security with Rizikon Assurance

Why Should I think about Cyber Risk?

74% of small companies have had a security breach in the last year, up from 60% in 2014*. With costs averaging between £75,000 and £311,000*, can your business afford not to know where its greatest risks lie?

The costs of clearing up the damage to your business as well as repairing your reputation can be significant, even in small businesses. In one case Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals was fined £325,000* under the Data Protection Act after patient records were stolen and sold online. This fine was in addition to the costs of contacting patients and dealing with the data breach.

What is Rizikon?

Rizikon is a threat based risk analysis tool, it can help you understand your cyber risk and identify at-risk areas so you can maximise the efficiency of your security budget. 

How does Rizikon work?

  • Rizikon gathers information by asking you questions about your organisation, your system architecture and your security policies.

  • It combines this with up-to-date data from the Information Security industry about vulnerabilities and threats.

  • It then calculates the probability of a successful attack using our Direct Attack Path Analysis (DAPA) algorithm.

  • Rizikon then provides you with an understandable report, showing an overall rating, the probability of a successful attack and identifying where your greatest risks lie. It also provides more detailed sections so you can understand how you are at risk.

  • This allows you to direct your investment to effectively manage the greatest threats posed to your business.


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