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Rizikon 1.3 release note

Rizikon has been updated to version 1.3 as of 14th October 2016.

Version 1.3 contains the following changes;

Improved report

The Rizikon report has been restructured and reworded in some places.

There is more consistency between the pie charts and explanation of the risk percentages.

There are new colour-coded (high, medium, low priority) tables of recommendations.

The Executive Summary has been completely reworded to reduce technical language and to focus on high-level cyber security risks and recommendations.

Note that, because of the change in layout, the report compare function will not work well when comparing an old (version 1.2 and older) layout report with a version 1.3 and later one.)

A new Sample report PDF is available on request from Crossword Rizikon Support (via

Question changes

Many of the questions have had minor cosmetic changes to improve comprehension and grammar.

Cyber Essentials questions have all been marked (CE).

Background data

The risk calculation algorithm has been updated.

Tom Hoskin

Rizikon Product Manager

contact us:


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