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Rizikon Assurance 1.11 release note

Rizikon Assurance has been updated to version 1.11 as of 14th August 2019.

This release includes;

Summary Page Improvements

Scorecard users will now find a new graphic on the Summary page: the Organisation Criticality Distribution. This 6x6 matrix can plot "Impact" against "Risk" for all suppliers on the system, and also appears on the Organisations page as an additional filtering option. This is an early feature to be fully released in v2.0.

Scorecard (beta) Improvements

Various improvements have been made to the Supplier Scorecards, including more detailed and user-friendly information boxes for each risk segment and the ability to manually enter or override the information displayed. Organisations can now also have a "default Scorecard", allowing users to set the primary scorecard used on an organisation by organisation basis.

Scorecard will be fully available in Rizikon 2.0.

Creditsafe Integration (beta) Improvements

Rizikon Assurance 1.11 also incorporates better integration with Creditsafe’s 320-million record company information and credit risk database. Creditsafe company reports can now be viewed and downloaded from within Rizikon Assurance. Requesting Creditsafe report data and viewing a full report will use Creditsafe tokens, which can be added to the system as required.

Creditsafe will be commercially available in Rizikon 2.0.

System Tags: Risk and Impact

In addition to Organisation Impact tags, Risk tags will now be assigned to Organisations based on their default Scorecard risk value. This tag will allow managers to better organise and navigate the Organisations on the system based on risk priority. They will be automatically generated by the appropriate scorecard risk level. The levels now range from "Unclassified (0), Very Low (1) .. to 5 (Very High)" for both impact and risk tags.

These tags are also now customisable as part of the configuration process of a tenant.

Various user experience fixes

The application has also been made easier to view on smaller screens, includes new filtering options for organisations, and other minor bugfixes and improvements.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us.

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