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Rizikon Assurance 1.5 release note

Rizikon Assurance has been updated to version 1.5 as of 4th July 2018.

Version 1.5 contains the following changes;

Assessment Sharing

Managers can now share assessments between multiple users. This allows users to collaborate on filling in, submitting, and reviewing an assessment. When the required information to complete the assessment is not known by one individual, sharing assessments can improve completion times significantly.

Updated Manager Summary Graphs

The graphs shown on the manager summary page now provide configuration controls to change the information shown on each graph. These controls allows managers to view the progress and results for each type of assessment throughout different stages of the assessment process

Updated Assessment List View

The manager view for listing assessments has been updated, and now provides more detailed information on the when the assessment was last answered by a completer. This allows managers to keep track of assessment progress more effectively, and identify users that need assistance in completing their assessments.

Improved Demo capabilities

The process for setting up new Rizikon demonstrations has now been streamlined, providing a faster and more in-depth demonstration of Rizikon Assurance for potential customers.

Improved Password reset functionality

Managers now have an option to manually generate password reset links, so password reset links can be sent via alternative methods if required.

If you have any questions or issues, please let us know via

Tom Hoskin

Rizikon Product Manager

Contact us at


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