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Rizikon Assurance 1.8 release note

Rizikon Assurance has been updated to version 1.8 as of 30th October 2018.

Version 1.8 contains the following changes;

Improved Assessment Renewal

Assessment renewal dates can now be set upon Approval/Rejection of an assessment. Renewal dates now appear in the Assessment List view, and there is now a filter option to display all renewal dates that are up for renewal.

Supplier Tagging

Suppliers can now be “tagged” and organised into groups. This allows managers to sort suppliers into categories such as “Risk level”, “Location”, “Certifications held”, and any other grouping that can be defined by managers. Tags can then be used to filter the Supplier List, and can be used to target specific suppliers for review or assessment.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption assessment

We have added an Anti-Bribery and Corruption assessment to our standard library of assessments. This can now be used along with our existing standard assessments and assesses the risk of bribery or corruption within an organisation.

Improved setup for new customers

We have improved our new customer setup process to allow new customers to start using Rizikon Assurance as quickly as possible.

Improved Email Notifications

Email notifications now reference the assessments that generated them, so completers and assessors are aware of the specific assessment that requires attention.

If you have any questions or issues, please let us know via

Tom Hoskin

Rizikon Product Manager

Contact us at


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