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Rizikon Assurance 2.0 release note

Rizikon Assurance has been updated to version 2.0 as of 3rd September 2019.

This release includes:

Dashboard 2.0: Criticality Distribution Chart

The Organisation Criticality Distribution is a 6x6 matrix that can plot "Impact" against "Risk" for all suppliers on the system. This appears for all scorecard users of Rizikon Assurance 2.0 on the Summary Page.

Also appearing on the Organisations page as an additional filtering option, this new viewpoint of Impact and Risk empowers Assurance Managers to categorise, navigate and prioritise with a view to the most critical organisations to their business.

Scorecard Official Release

Organisation Scorecards centralise data held about a third party or supplier into one, 360° view of risk. They combine risk information from Rizikon Assurance's intelligent Assessments across multiple topics, as well as data from Companies House and credit-scoring from Creditsafe. To view a scorecard, navigate to the organisation details page and press the "Scorecard" button on the actions menu, or use the Criticality Distribution Chart to go directly to the scorecard for an organisation.

Scorecards are split into three main segments, with Key Information about the organisation, Highlighted Risk Details, and a Criticality chart with a breakdown of risk scoring on a segment by segment basis.  Scorecards are highly customisable, and can also be downloaded into PDF format.

Creditsafe Integration Official Release

Rizikon Assurance 2.0 also includes the official release of our integration with Creditsafe, and their 320-million records of company information and credit risk database.

Organisations can be linked with Creditsafe listed companies to verify key information, and a report can be downloaded to feed credit risk data into scorecards. Full company reports can also be viewed in the system, allowing quick and easy credit risk checks of Third Parties.

Requesting Creditsafe report data and viewing a full report will use Creditsafe tokens, which can be added to the system as required.

Bug Fixes and user experience improvements

Several bugs have been fixed, especially around formatting, displaying information and tool-tips correctly, the behaviour of actions when using the browser back button, stability, the syncing of information correctly on new graphics, and other minor issues and improvements.

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