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Rizikon Assurance 2.1 release note

Rizikon Assurance has been updated to version 2.1 as of 31st October 2019. This release includes:


All users will now be able to see a notifications dropdown on the navigation bar, next to User Options. This will allow users to receive notifications from within the system on such things as Assigned assessments, Comments, Submissions and Assessments being Sent for Clarification, among others.

To View a notification, click the bell icon. This will show notifications from the last 30 days, filtered by "unread" first. Users can mark a notification as "read" by clicking the orange dot on the left, or delete it by clicking the cross on the right.

This feature will expand in future updates and will integrate closely with the other parts of the system to greatly improve workflow.

Scorecard Improvements

Scorecard has received various improvements to functionality and display.  Managers can now:

  • Pin attachments from assessments to scorecard tables, allowing easy access to evidence directly from the scorecard page.

  • See the source of information for table entries, allowing for a more transparent and useful display of data.

  • See combined questions formatted properly, with answers displayed together.

  • View long answers on a scorecard by hovering over the "+" icon to see the full result with improved formatting.

  • Directly select the score of a risk segment when manually entering data, rather than having to input a value from 1-5.

The system labels for "Impact", "Criticality" and "Scorecard" are now also all customisable, allowing for a seamless integration with existing terminology and procedures.

User Experience Improvements and Bug Fixes

Various aspects of the user interface have been improved, including the "Details" pages for Contacts, Organisations and Assessments. Actions are now located on the left hand side, and the options have been redesigned to highlight the primary actions and improve the user experience.

The Criticality Dashboard has also received some usability improvements, including the ability to click anywhere on the cells rather than the contained number.

Multiple bugs have been fixed, including the display issues with Risk Segment labels being cut-off by the scorecard tables, and the calendar selection appearing underneath the navigation bar for some questions.

If you have any questions or issues, please let us know.

Kind Regards,

Ken Fraser

Product Manager

Contact us at


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