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Rizikon Assurance 2.4 release note

New standard Assessments

  • Cyber Security (ISO27001 based) - This detailed assessment is based on the ISO27001 standard.  Read more

  • Supplier Triage (internal) - This short assessment covers three sections for gauging a supplier's potential impact on your business.  Read more

Admin Settings Page
Admin users will now be able to access the "Settings" page on the top-right drop-down menu.  This page contains many of the configuration options needed to manage your Rizikon portal, including Organisation Name and support/contact information, logos, labels and tags.
This will allow managers to properly configure their site, and will be added to in the future as more options become available.

User Experience Improvements and Bug Fixes
Various aspects of the user interface have been improved, including the navigation from a Scorecard back to the Organisation Details page via the link at the top of the screen. Search results have also been improved by including the additional assessors and Completers for assessments.  Various actions or statuses are now colour coded to make it easier to distinguish them in a list, and assessment submission requirements are now more explicitly stated to help avoid confusion.

There are also a large number of bug fixes, including the missing notifications for Assessors and Completers whose role was changed. Tag colours are now also correctly displayed on the hover-over expansion list, making them easier to identify. We have also improved the API with Creditsafe to improve stability.

Technology improvements and upcoming feature support
The ability to edit and create question sets is being worked on and the first version of this will be available to all current users free of charge. There have been improvements made to the way assessments are handled in the system. While this work is not yet visible to users, much of the underlying architecture has been improved and updated. More information on this will be available in the coming weeks.


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