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Request our Supplier Assurance Checklists

See how easy Rizikon Assurance is for your Suppliers to complete Questionnaires. Just select which of the Supplier Questionnaires included in Rizikon Assurance you want to see, and we will set you up as if you are a supplier and send you the selected questionnaires during office hours.

Request our Supplier Assurance Checklists and Consultant of our Rizikon Support

How we will send you the questionnaire requested





Request the Supplier Questionnaires and supply an email address.


We will set you up as if you are a Supplier and send you an invite to create a Free Supplier Login.


We will then send you the Supplier Questionnaire(s) you are interested in.


Optionally, if you complete the Questionnaire we can send you the scorecard and report that we see, and also show you how and Supplier-Assessor discussions and questionnaire changes works, if you want to see it. 

We think this will give you a very good idea of how Rizikon Assurance works for Suppliers and of course will show you the details of the specific questionnaires you are sent by us.

Supplier Onboarding Questionnaire

Select which Supplier Questionnaires you want to receive

Supplier Questionnaire Request

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