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Assess your organisation in less than 30 minutes

Share profiles between users

Rizikon allows you to share profiles with other users, meaning that you can fill in the questionnaire collaboratively and work together on the same assessment profile.

Shared profiles will give users access to all reports and questionnaire answers associated with that profile, allowing you the generate new reports or view reports that have been previously created

Easy question delegation

Rizikon provides users with the ability to delegate particular questions to anyone they wish via a one-use URL link. The link can then be sent to the delegated person via email, messaging app, etc.

The person who is nominated for the question cannot see any other answers, reports or any other part of the profile. You will see a list of all delegated questions and responses in the Rizikon profile screen.

Dynamic and modular question set

The Rizikon question set is designed to be efficient and easy to answer. To facilitate this, we have made the question set dynamic and modular. This means you only have to answer the questions that are directly relevant to your organisation.

Rizikon reports can be generated without filling in the complete question set, meaning that you are only required to fill in the questions that relate to the areas you are interested in.

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