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Rizikon Assurance Partners

Rizikon Assurance Partners are independent organisations that can supply you with services around Supplier Assurance and risk management, as well as Rizikon Assurance implementation. Some specialise in specific areas of assurance and inspection.


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To enquire about becoming a Partner, or to hear more about partner services, please contact our Partner Manager, Stefan Ward-Caddle, on 020-3953-8460 for more details.

Become a Crossword Cybersecurity Rizikon Partner

Gartner has identified that 60% of businesses have over 1000 suppliers. With up to 2/3 organisations experiencing data breaches through a third party, third party assurance is a growing problem and traditional manual methods of addressing this do not scale to demand. With more regulations (GDPR, NIS Directive etc) and risks such including Anti Bribery and Corruption, National Minimum Wage or Modern Slavery as well as cyber, businesses are looking for technology and partners with the knowledge and skills to meet this challenge.

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Why become a Rizikon Partner
  • Scale and standardise your services

  • Enter a new and fast growing market

  • Increase profit margin add new revenue streams

  • Deliver your services with automation through RA

  • Bring your current portfolio to new audiences

  • Diversify your Product and Service Portfolio

Here at Crossword we have 3 types of Rizikon partners, all with the core aim of generating business for our partners and driving uptake of Rizikon Assurance. All Rizikon Partners will have an assigned partner manager to ensure timely success through the partnership.


Technology Partners


Rizikon Assurance is a platform which invites all data sources around third party risks. Rizikon Technology Partners can add their technology into Rizikon Assurance, adding value for customers and greater reach for the partner.

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Managed Service Partners


Rizikon Managed Service Partners utilise Rizikon Assurance to scale, standardise and automate their services. Rizikon’s flexibility enables businesses to build on their unique capability to deliver differentiated value for customers.

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Channel Partners


Rizikon Channel Partners bring Rizikon’s and scaled third party assurance to a wider audience. Delivering value and scale across the globe while opening up doors for other products in their portfolio.

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Interested in becoming a Partner?

Become Rizikon Assurance Partner
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