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How Rizikon protects your data

Security is one of the top priorities within Rizikon. We take the security of your data seriously and use a range of security measures to ensure your data is secure.

Account lockout

We track all login attempts to access your account. If we detect suspicious activity we will block access to your account, and will contact you to alert you to the activity.

Encrypted at rest and in transit

All traffic to Rizikon is encrypted both in transit and at rest. This means it cannot be accessed without the correct security credentials when transferred to, or stored on our servers.

Two-factor authentication

Rizikon provides optional two-factor authentication. Two factor authentication provides an additional layer of security to keep your account safe. We recommend that all users enable two-factor authentication if possible. See our guide for more details on two factor authentication.

Regular security testing

Rizikon is regularly tested by an independent team of web application security experts. Regular testing is ensures that Rizikon consistently maintains a high level of security.

Security certification: CE & IASME

Rizikon is developed and maintained by Crossword Cybersecurity. Crossword’s information security has been certified under the UK government Cyber Essentials certification scheme, and has also been certified under the independently audited IASME Governance scheme.

Further details on these certifications can be found here: Cyber Essentials, IASME.


To view more information on security in Rizikon, please see our Security Centre

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