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Supplier Assurance and Risk Management Services

Crossword have a range of Consulting Services to help Organisations Benchmark, Audit and Improve their Supplier Assurance and Risk Management processes. We also can take partial or complete end-to-end responsibility for your Supplier Assurance process by acting as an on-demand Outsourcer.

Supplier Assurance and Risk Management Services

Supplier Assurance Audit

Our experienced Third party Assurance & Risk team assesses and benchmarks your existing Third-party Assurance process and makes recommendations on how to improve efficiency, throughput, coverage and effectiveness.

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Assurance Framework Implementation

Organisations that wish to avoid non-compliant businesses and minimise exposure to high-risk data practices can use this Standard Questionnaire within Rizikon Assurance. This will assist with ensuring compliance with GDPR where data processors are used, and operating a wider assurance practice that is efficient and risk-proportional, as well as comprehensive.

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Rizikon Assurance Implementation

We implement Rizikon Assurance for you with your own branded assessment portal, your question sets, your scorecards, your suppliers, your KPIs and third-party risk visualisation the way you want to see it.

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Supplier Assurance as a Service

Outsource all or part of your Supplier Assurance process to us or our Partners.


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