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Sharing your Rizikon Assurance assessment

If you have been assigned a Rizikon Assurance assessment, and you would like to share the assessment with a colleague, you can request an additional Rizikon account to help complete your assessment.

To request an additional account, please send an email to containing the following information:

Subject line: Additional Rizikon account request

Message: I have been given an assessment to complete by:

[Assessor Organisation's Name]

I work for/on behalf of:

[Your Organisation's Name]

I would like to request an additional Rizikon account for the following assessment:

[Assessment Name]

Please create the account and share the assessment with the following email address:

[Colleague's email address] 

For your request to be accepted, it must originate from an email address that is associated with an active Rizikon account, and that account must have access to the assessment you wish to share.

Once you have requested an additional account, that user will have full non-revokable access to answer, review, and submit the assessment. You are responsible for ensuring the security of any email addresses you choose to share an assessment with.

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