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Become a Rizikon partner today

As a Rizikon Partner you can help them assess their Cyber-risk position and prioritise their mitigation approach

As a Rizikon partner you can provide your business customers with access to Rizikon to assess their Cyber risks - and share in the revenue.  Signing up is quick and easy - just complete the contact form below to take the next step.


Cyber security consultancies

  • Use Rizikon as an independent, research-based and quick way of assessing your customer’s Cyber risk position to start your consulting engagement - and to track their progress

  • Rizikon’s action-oriented report on mitigation strategies and improvements will help you sell ongoing consultancy services

  • Easily use Rizikon to generate answer-sets for Cyber Essentials certification

Risk and professional advisors

  • Stay a part of your client’s Board level Cyber-risk conversations by recommending an independent, research-based and user friendly assessment using Rizikon

  • Use the outputs of Rizikon to advise on a range of Risk related topics including Cyber insurance, Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and Cyber Essentials certification


Rizikon Partner Programme

All Rizikon Partners get the benefits of

  • Revenue share paid quarterly

  • Free marketing support

  • Free use of Rizikon for internal purposes

Additionally, Crossword Cybersecurity can support high value client opportunities with seminars, breakfast meetings and C-level Cybersecurity workshops - subject to agreement.

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Sign up as a Rizikon partner
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