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Supplier Scorecards

Scorecards combine all Risks for each Supplier. Scorecards allow you to see all risks and key information at a glance for each of your Suppliers.  They combine information from the Supplier Questionnaires as well as data from Companies House and credit-scoring from Creditsafe. 

Rizikon Assurance Scorecards

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Use Rizikon Assurance free for 14-days and see how Easy it Makes Supplier Assurance

360 degree risk diagram of Rizikon Assurance application

360-degree risk diagram

At the heart of each Supplier Scorecard is the Risk Diagram showing the risks from that supplier based on all of the information collected via our Easy-to-send, Easy-to-complete, Easy-to-evaluate Supplier Questionnaires as well as Company data from Creditsafe.


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Assurance dashboard

View your risk on all levels at only one 6 by 6 matrix

360 degree view

Supplier Assurance Dashboard 
You can view your whole Supply chain on a single Risk/Impact diagram with our Unique Supplier Assurance Dashboards.  Drill in to your most important and most risky Suppliers in one click for instant C-level view of Supplier Risk.
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