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Supplier Impact - Triage Questionnaire

We have created a quick and simple questionnaire tool to identify the impact of a supplier to your organisation, as part of effective supplier management. Try our Supplier Triage tool and Rizikon Assurance free for 30 days

Person writing a supplier impact triage questionnaire

Find out how the Rizikon Standard Questionnaire may help you protect your business

Using the Supplier Triage Questionnaire for assessing Supplier Impact

Triaging suppliers into categories of impact is an important first step for an efficient assurance process. Understanding which suppliers are the most impactful, for which risks, and the order in which they need to be assessed is key to help ensure a well managed assurance process. As organisations can have hundreds of suppliers, Rizikon Assurance provides an ideal platform for easily triaging your suppliers at scale, providing the impact categorisation that can be used in our Scorecards and Criticality matrix. Using our set of impact criteria will help support a consistent approach to managing risk in suppliers.

​How the Supplier Triage questionnaire was developed

Using our extensive in-house experience of risk management and a pool of academic resources on supplier impact factors, our supplier triage questionnaire was methodically developed to be appropriate to any supplier.

​Questions, sections and scoring used in the Supplier Triage Questionnaire

The structure of the Supplier Triage Questionnaire consists of three brief sections covering impact, identification of a critical supplier and data risk. This questionnaire is to be carried out internally and has a total of 10 quick questions.


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