Third Party Risk

Rizikon identifies cyber risk within your organisation, then provides actions to minimise the risk.

Direct attack path analysis

Rizikon analyses your organisation's cyber risk using our Direct Attack Path Analysis (DAPA) algorithm, which was developed in conjunction with research from the Centre for Cyber and Security Sciences at City University, London.

The DAPA algorithm identifies your cyber risk across multiple attack vectors, and assesses each attack vector to identify the most likely path for a successful attack. This analysis is then summarised to help organisations understand their areas of greatest risk.

The summary table provides a score (0-100) for each attack vector, with high scores in areas of good security, and low scores in areas that require attention.  There is also an overall score for the security of your organisation (0-700).

Prioritised recommendations

Based on the DAPA attack vector scores, Rizikon provides prioritised actions that can be taken to reduce cyber risk. This means your organisation can target the highest priority areas, and mitigate the greatest risks first.

Rizikon presents a full list of all recommended actions, with each action categorised as one of: High - Medium - Low. The recommended actions are also presented for each attack vector, so you can identify which actions to take if you want to lower risk in one particular area (e.g. Social Engineering).

By undertaking the actions listed in a section, your organisation's DAPA score will improve, as well as your organisation's overall cyber risk rating.

Cyber Risk rating (C-AAA)

Rizikon provides an overall cyber risk rating, based on a scale from C to AAA (similar to financial risk) that can be used to explain your organisation's risk to non-technical decision makers. 

The cyber risk rating provides an immediate measure of overall security, that will improve as actions are undertaken to minimise your cyber risk.

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