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Rizikon Assurance 2.9 Release Note

Rizikon Assurance has been updated to version 2.9 as of the 28th of October 2021. This release includes:

Introducing Cyber Risk Ratings with Darkbeam

Rizikon is now seamlessly integrated with Darkbeam, a company that provides a unified solution to protect against security, brand and compliance risks across your digital infrastructure.

With Darkbeam, Managers will be able perform a Cyber Risk Ratings lookup on a third party, providing summary information on their vulnerabilities, broken down into seven categories of risk including exposure, DNS, SSL, blacklists and more.

It's as easy as providing the domain name for the organisation, which can be done in the "Edit Organisation" page, or in bulk using the "Data Upload" page.  Rizikon will automatically connect with Darkbeam and immediately begin providing risk information within Rizikon, all without the need to wait for completer input.

Best of all, the summary data is completely free.  Users can also purchase the full, detailed report provided by Darkbeam by simply following the link provided with the scan.

Document Repository

Managers can  now access the Documents page, which provides a single repository for all documents uploaded into the system.  Documents can be tagged, filtered and searched for, making keeping track of assessment evidence, certificate and other attachments much easier. This will be expanded in the future to allow document expiry tracking and notifications.

Documents can also now be uploaded and linked directly with the Organisation.  This can be done via the Organisation details page, or by using the "Create Document" button on the Documents page.

Many bug fixes and user experience Improvements

Multiple small changes, bug fixes and user experience improvements have been made, including design improvements to the main navigation menu and fixes to using 2FA within a super-tenant. If you have any questions or issues, please let us know.

Kind Regards,

Ken Fraser

Product Manager


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