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COVID-19 Impact 


We have created a lightweight questionnaire to provide organisations information on the risks that exist to their suppliers. This will help organisations mitigate the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.Try our COVID-19 impact questionnaire and Rizikon Assurance free for 30 days

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Find out how the COVID-19 Questionnaire may help you protect your business

Using the COVID-19 Questionnaire for assessing Supplier Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on organisations across the world. As organisations evaluate the impact of COVID-19 to their supply chain, this questionnaire will assist with providing organisations information on the risks that exist to their suppliers and help organisations mitigate the impact of the pandemic. Our set of impact criteria will support a consistent approach to assessing COVID-19 impact on suppliers.

How the COVID-19 questionnaire was developed

Using our extensive in-house experience of risk management and a pool of academic resources on supply chain resilience and pandemic preparedness; our COVID-19 questionnaire was methodically developed to be relevant to many suppliers.

​Questions, sections and scoring used in the COVID-19 Questionnaire

The structure of the COVID-19 questionnaire consists of three brief sections covering operational impact, business continuity and business impact. Fourteen questions are used to generate a score which assigns a supplier to a level of risk.


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