Rizikon Assurance makes Supplier Assurance Easy because we supply you with the Supplier Assurance Questionnaires you need every day.

We want to make your life as easy as possible which is why we have created an ever-growing and improving Library of Supplier Questionnaires for you to get started with.  By doing so, we hope that we can help deliver efficiency improvements to your supplier assurance team and enable cost savings as quickly as possible.

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Rizikon Assurance has a library of supplier questionnaires that make Supplier Assurance Easy

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Supplier Questionnaire

Organisations who wish to avoid high-risk business practices, and run a foundational assurance program on their suppliers and partners for operating in compliance with legislation, such as the Bribery Act (2010), can use this Standard Questionnaire within Rizikon Assurance. This will assist with identifying and resolving corrupt practices in a risk proportional manner, helping to ensure compliance efficiently.

UK National Minimum Wage 2018 Supplier Questionnaire

Assure that your suppliers and partners are operating in compliance with Labour Market Regulations with this Minimum Wage Questionnaire included within Rizikon Assurance.  Identify and reduce the risk of exposure to high-risk and non-compliant business practices around employment legislation

GDPR Data Processor Responsibilities Questionnaire

Avoid non-compliant Data Processors and minimise exposure to high-risk data practices with this GDPR Data Processor’s Questionnaire included in Rizikon Assurance. This will assist with ensuring compliance with GDPR where data processors are used, and operating a wider assurance practice that is efficient and risk-proportional, as well as comprehensive.

Cyber-security Supplier Assessment Questionnaire (IASME Governance based)

Organisations that wish to avoid dealing with non-compliant businesses and minimise exposure to high-risk data practices can use this Standard Questionnaire within Rizikon Assurance. This comprehensive questionnaire will assist with ensuring an acceptable level of information security within an organisation, especially where the risk and impact of a data breach is considered to be high. 

Cyber-security Supplier Assessment Questionnaire (Cyber Essentials based)

Ensuring that your Suppliers have effective Cyber Security is essential.  This Cyber Essentials  based Supplier Questionnaire will provide a sound basic Cyber-Risk analysis and is included with all Rizikon Assurance subscriptions.

Supplier Onboarding Checklist

Effective Supplier Assurance starts with On-boarding new suppliers and we have created a comprehensive Supplier On-boarding Checklist with Rizikon Assurance that covers most needs.

Modern Slavery Risk Questionnnaire

Check your Supplier’s modern slavery commitments and compliance with legislation such as the UK Modern Slavery Act (2015), with this Supplier Questionnaire included as part of Rizikon Assurance.

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