Rizikon makes Assurance Easy! This is how.

The Rizikon Assurance Online Platform has a wealth of features that make Supplier Assurance and Supply-chain Risk Management easier and more effective

Taking Notes
A growing list of features to help you work smarter, not harder.

Rizikon Assurance gives you control of your suppliers, giving you the vital knowledge of what needs to get done.  And that can often be a lot of work.

We have built-in features to help with the most common and time-consuming tasks in Supplier Assurance, helping you get the job done faster, more efficiently and more easily.

Take a look for yourself today and find out how we can make Supplier Assurance Easy.

Rizikon makes Assurance Easy

Great Questionnaires 
Our growing library has the  Supplier Questionnaires you need.  From On-boarding to Modern Slavery.  Or change them with our Questionnaire Editor

Capture Everything in One Place

Keep all the Answers, Conversations and Files together in one secure auditable place.

Automated Scoring & Reports

Questionnaires are Easy-to-send, Easy-to-Complete, Easy-to-Evaluate.  Automated scoring and Supplier Scorecard generation cuts down the Work.

Advanced Supplier Risk Management

Advanced Supplier Risk Management

Use it for On-boarding and Due Diligence, or go further with  our Unique Risk Scorecards and Supply-chain Risk Dashboard

Rizikon grows as you do

An Online System that Improves Third-party Assurance and Risk Management through efficiency, automation and better visibility

An online system that makes suppliassurance easyr AssuranceFrameworkDashboard Third-partyScorecards Communications & Attachments Automation Assessment Reports Third-partyAssurancePortal Intelligent Questionnaires

Rizikon Assurance is built to give you the information you need at every level. 


Starting with our Supplier Assurance portal, we make the job as easy as possible for you and your suppliers to gather the information you need.  These Issue-based and ready-to-go questionnaires have everything all in one place, including automation, related communications and attachments, and generate assessment level reports for you and your team to dig into each area of concern.

Our Scorecards pull together all the information you gather on each supplier, from as little as one assessment or across many different ones.  They even include information from other sources like Creditsafe for financial checks.  This makes reviewing the big picture of each supplier a single-page task.

Finally, our assurance dashboard gives you the visibility of your whole supplier base, and where you need to focus your attention first.  This allows you and your team the ability to focus their efforts where they are needed most, and stay in control.

Learn more about Rizikon Assurance architecture

Supplier Scorecards

Our Unique 360 degree Supplier Scorecards allow you to show key information and risks for each Supplier automatically as they complete the Questionnaires.
You can optionally include data from Companies House and credit-scoring from Creditsafe. Scorecards give you an at-a-glance  view of each Supplier and can be easily changed to weight the answers just the way you need them.
Learn more about scorecards →
Ease of use
Ease of use

We have designed Rizikon to make Assurance Easy.  Easy-to-send, Easy-to-complete, Easy-to-evaluate questionnaires.  Automated scoring for Scorecards and Reports.  Handy reminders and automated sending of Assessments.  Simple upload and download of Supplier lists and Contact information.  Take advantage of our Free 30-day trial and you will see how easy Rizikon makes Assurance.  (small 30d trial and request a demo buttons.)

Library of supplier questionnaires
Library of supplier questionnaires

It's not easy having the right set of questionnaires ready to send.  We take that pain away from you with our Library of Supplier Questionnaires that cover the basics, and beyond. And if you want to tweak one then the Questionnaire Editor allows just that.  Our Consultants can also add your own complex questionnaires if you need that (one custom questionnaire is included as standard with the Enterprise Edition.)  Find out more→

 Security & Privacy
 Security & Privacy

The Information Commissioners Office recommends moving away from sending important and private data by standard emails, and implementing encrypted portals.  This sounds complicated but that's exactly what Rizikon Assurance is.  We take cyber security extremely seriously and that's why we have 256-bit end-to-end encryption, built-in attachment virus scanning, and two factor authentication for all Editions.