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We know. 

Supplier Assurance isn't Easy!

Too many Supplier emails and files?

Can't create the Reports you need?

Under Pressure to On-board faster 

and attack the Assurance Backlog? 

Well, we have something that might help...

Our many Clients include

In a Meeting
Rizikon Assurance helps organisations take control of Supplier Assurance and Supply-chain Risk Management.
Every edition gives you :

Secure online Questionnaires in your own branded portal

Audit trails on all answers

360 degree Supplier Scorecards

a Dashboard of the risk across all suppliers and a host of other features. 

It also makes completing the questions easy for your Suppliers with features like sharing single questions or whole questionnaires. You also get a growing library of Standard Questionnaires on topics like cyber security, GDPR, modern slavery, anti-bribery & corruption, Covid-19, National Minimum Wage, and Equality & Diversity. With the Questionnaire Editor you can edit all of these and add your own with our great Support always there to help. And if you want to see Financial Risk as well, Rizikon seamlessly integrates with Creditsafe to provide data and credit risk ratings on over 320 Million companies globally.

Rizikon makes Assurance Easy

Great Questionnaires

Great Questionnaires 
Our growing library has the Questionnaires you need.  From On-boarding to Modern Slavery.  Or change them with our Questionnaire Editor

Capture Everything in One Place

Capture Everything in One Place

Keep all the Answers, Conversations and Files together in one secure auditable system.

Automated Scoring & Reports

Automated Scoring & Reports Questionnaires are Easy-to-send, Easy-to-Complete, Easy-to-Evaluate.  Automated scoring and Scorecard generation cuts down the Work.

Advanced Supplier Risk Management

Advanced Supplier Risk Management

Use it for On-boarding and Due Diligence, or go further with  our Unique Risk Scorecards and Supply-chain Risk Dashboard. 

Rizikon grows as you do

Supplier Scorecards

Our Unique 360 degree Supplier Scorecards allow you to show key information and risks for each Supplier automatically as they complete the Questionnaires.

You can optionally include data from Companies House and credit-scoring from Creditsafe. Scorecards give you an at-a-glance  view of each Supplier and can be easily changed to weight the answers just the way you need them.

Learn more about scorecards →

Ease of use
Ease of use

We have designed Rizikon to make Assurance Easy.  Easy-to-send, Easy-to-complete, Easy-to-evaluate questionnaires.  Automated scoring for Scorecards and Reports.  Handy reminders and automated sending of Assessments.  Simple upload and download of Supplier lists and Contact information.  Take advantage of our Free 30-day trial and you will see how easy Rizikon makes Assurance.  (small 30d trial and request a demo buttons.)

Library of supplier questionnaires
Library of supplier questionnaires

It's not easy having the right set of questionnaires ready to send.  We take that pain away from you with our Library of Supplier Questionnaires that cover the basics, and beyond. And if you want to tweak one then the Questionnaire Editor allows just that.  Our Consultants can also add your own complex questionnaires if you need that (one custom questionnaire is included as standard with the Enterprise Edition.)  Find out more→

 Security & Privacy
 Security & Privacy

The Information Commissioners Office recommends moving away from sending important and private data by standard emails, and implementing encrypted portals.  This sounds complicated but that's exactly what Rizikon Assurance is.  We take cyber security extremely seriously and that's why we have 256-bit end-to-end encryption, built-in attachment virus scanning, and two factor authentication for all Editions.

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