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Receiving assessor feedback

Once you have submitted your answers, an assessor will be assigned to review your submission. When the assessor has finished reviewing your answers, you will receive an automated email alerting you to the changes in your assessment:


Once you log in, you will see the summary screen listing your assessments:


If your assessment has been returned, the assessment status will initially be one of four options:


If the assessment has been Approved or Rejected, then the decision is final, and the assessor does not require any further information for the assessment. If the assessment is listed as “Sent for Clarification” then the assessor requires additional information before making a final decision.

Help tip: If your assessment doesn't match a status shown here, this means you are in the process of completing a submission. You should review your answers, in particular any questions that have been flagged by an assessor, then submit your answer.

To see what information is required by the assessor, click on the assessment name and view the assessment:


Once you are you the assessment overview screen, you will be able to view the questions that require attention using the left-hand navigation column. Here we can see that some sections display ticks, the tick means that section does not require any action. For some sections we can see a flag icon, the flag indicates that there are questions within that section that require attention and must be addressed. To start addressing these questions, click on a flagged section. In this example, we will look at the first section, “Organisation Information”.


The flagged section "Organisation Information" is shown below:


In this section, you can see three questions that require attention. The flagged questions can be identified by the flag icon shown in the left-hand navigation column. In this example, we can see the assessor has flagged the first question for attention. The assessor has also added a note to this question, explaining the action that the assessor would like the user to take:

"Please enter your name as it is registered with Companies House"

The assessor note can be seen in the “Answer Notes” section located in the right-hand column. 
Once you have read the note from the assessor, you can either reply by adding a note, or modify your answer in accordance with their request. Once you have completed this action, you can “Save & Continue” to mark the question as resolved.

Help Tip: To help you navigate to flagged questions, your view can be filtered to show flagged questions only. This can be changed using the filter options at the top of the left-hand navigation column. By selecting “Flagged” your view will be filtered to only see questions that have been flagged by the assessor. Select "Show All Questions" to see all questions in the assessment.

Once you have responded to all flagged questions and answer notes, you will need to re-submit your answers. This can be done on the assessment overview page shown below:


The submit button can be seen in the right hand column, located in the “Action” box. Once submitted, the assessment will be sent back to the assessor for a second review.

What happens next?

Once the assessment has been submitted, the assessment will continue to loop through the review cycle until it reaches a final status of Approved, Rejected, or Cancelled.

This means your assessment could be submitted, reviewed, and updated several times before finally reaching an end state of Approved/Rejected. Once an assessment reaches a final status, the assessment has finished. At this point, no further action is required.

The diagram on the right shows the process loop for assessments in Rizikon Assurance.

1. Answering your assessment

The red stages (Sent for Completion, Opened, In Progress, Answered, Sent for Clarification) indicate where action is required by you. At these stages you need to review and update your answers, and then submit them to the assessor.

2. Assessor review

The green stages (Submitted, Under Review) indicate where action is required by the assessor. Depending on the assessor decision, the assessment may be returned to you, or it may progress to the next stage. If an assessment is returned, you will receive an alert email, and you will need to review then submit your answers.

3. Assessment end

The blue stages (Accepted, Rejected, Cancelled) indicate where no action is required. Once an assessment reaches one of these stages, it is no longer an active assessment.


Help tip: If you are not sure which stage your assessment is in, you can view the assessment status on the Summary screen when you first log on. If you are still uncertain about which stage your assessment is at, you can contact support via


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